Don't just buy crypto, get rewards today

Oobla is the easiest way to get quick loans and earn money while saving in crypto

About Us

Get a loan or save

With Oobla, you can get a cash loan if you have any of our supported cryptocurrencies or earn high interest rates when you save your crypto instead of just dumping it in a wallet.

Why Oobla?

Instant cash

Get instant cash loans when you save your crypto with Oobla.


Earn USDT when you refer Oobla to your friends and family.

Reach your financial goals

Start a savings plan and earn up to 10% interest on your crypto.

Rewards for having crypto

Get cash for owning crypto, high interest on savings, and guaranteed protection from price fluctuations

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How do I get a Loan?

You become eligible for cash loans when you have crypto in your wallet. When you apply for a loan, we make you an offer and notify you that your crypto would be safely locked in your wallet for the duration of the loan. Once you repay back the cash loan your crypto becomes immediately unlocked and you can access it.

02. How do I save in Crypto?

Your crypto can earn up to 10% interest per year! When you choose a savings goal (depending on your financial goals and your level of comfort) from our savings plans, you get an option to choose between recurring debits or a one-time debit of your local currency card/bank account to fund your savings. While your crypto is saved with Oobla, your interest would accrue daily and is paid monthly. There are no hidden fees, no minimum balances, and no reason to wait.

03. Will rewards from Refer a Friend go to Oobla?

Yes. All rewards from Refer a Friend would be paid into your Oobla USDT wallet. You can then choose to get a loan or save it!

04. What are the benefits of using Oobla’s services?

Zero jargon. If you see anything that makes no sense on Oobla, please let us know and we would immediately simplify it. Our primary goal is to make crypto easy to understand and use today for everyone.